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Friday, August 11, 2017

I have written way more books since last time

So I didn't realize how long it had been since I did a book update, but yeah, I have way more books now. I have :

Andy and Cindie's epic Summer roadtrip Part One - June - HERE
Jacob and Riley's Fanfiction Volume 1 - HERE
Andy and Cindie's epic Summer roadtrip Part Two - July and August - HERE
Allen and the New School - HERE

And I also have kindle ebook versions of the volume books

Snowed In Books Volume 1 - HERE
Snowed In Books Volume 2 - HERE

Hopefully if you read the books these updates have been helpful, not that anybody really reads this blog, so yeah. that's all for now - Marlee <3

The Emoji Movie Review! - 8/11/2017

The Emoji Movie is a movie about the Meh emoji trying to find his place on the phone, he just has a hard time being Meh. It was overall kind of confusing but it was a generally good movie. I went to see it with my cousins andrew and alex, andrew thought it was ridiculous, but my cousin alex was in love with it. so I would recommend it for younger like 8 and under and up. I give this movie a 6/10 only because it was super confusing at times, like there were some things that just didn't make sense, so yeah, hopefully this review was helpful, I haven't done one in a while, and I want to start posting to this blog again, my blog - Marlee <3