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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I Have not Posted In FOREVER!!

I have been pretty busy lately it seems, I have not even thought about posting, I want to do it more often though, so today I thought I would Give a small update,

First of all I would just like to say I have like no news, except for me and my sister starting our very first youtube channel! [ HERE ] It is called That's So Twin Boats,

So for a bit me and Sydney have been doing several things with the Name Twin Boats, the name of our youtube channel came from our Pinterest board That's So Twin Boats, [ HERE ]

Which is filled with a ton of random things we have sent each other, And our youtube channel is just starting up and all, and we have just been posting new and old videos we have made together, and With a few of our inside jokes thrown in,

We are two years apart in age but it doesn't matter, we are freakishly close at times, we basically have awesome twinlike  powers!, Joking of course,

Why the name Twin Boats you ask?, well One day me and Sydney were in our dad's truck and I messed up my words when we were trying to invent a handshake I think, and I said " We Are Like Twin Boats," So ever since then it has been our thing,

And the That's So Twin Boats thing is for things that are SOOO US!, or jokes we have pulled one from another, it has been so fun so far, it is still totally a work in Progress,

But it will be fun, and we will Keep on trucking, we are still trying to decide what else to do with it, but that's ok, as long as we are having Fun with it who cares if our channel is completely Professional , or has specific types of videos,

We Have a totally Random set of videos and that is ok, That's all for this Update, See You All Later!!
                                                                                       - Marlee <3

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