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Monday, June 27, 2016

Guest post on LDS Parenting

So my mom runs a blog called LDS Parenting, and as you may know i have been very sick for the past couple of weeks and she had me do a guest post on her blog about it, and you can find it all HERE, i hope you guys have a wonderful week, and are all doing ok, Enjoy! - Marlee <3

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


so i didn't make it to girl's camp, which is ok i guess, i have pneumonia etc., but my friends are taking care of syd and one of the leaders who is friends with my mom has been telling her they are doing ok, it is good for them, well all i have been doing lately is watching tv and resting, i have noticed by watching disney channel movies from 1999 - 2003 that they used to teach kids a lesson, help them except real life etc., the two that effected me the most were : tru confessions and the color of friendship, in tru confessions the girl has a brother with a mental disability and she learns to accept him the way he was, he loved everyone no matter what and he was so special, and in the color of friendship it teaches to love others no matter what nationality, skin color, or religion, treat others with respect etc., i have spent a lot of time watching tv because i am not feeling good, but it is nice to take a break from life and heal, my other 2 favorites [ funny etc. ones ] are the even stevens movie, and quints, i love children and caring for others so i have also been watching this TLC show called outdaughtered where they have quintuplets and a 6 year old or so daughters, and i love to see them grow and how they see the world, same with random children i see, i have thought a lot about motherhood and babysitting etc. lately, children and babies, people in general are such a big part of my life and i want to do what i can to help others etc., well i have said enough for now, i hope you all are doing ok, and those of you who may be sick at the moment, i hear ya!, i have been sick for 5 days and i feel lazy, i also get anxiety that i need to be up and working, but i am only 13 and my body needs to heal, i have always very much been an old soul, i have felt older than some adults at times, i might get to call tonight to the camp and talk to my sister and my friends etc., i really hope i get to, if i do i will totally let you guys know, have a great day!- Marlee <3

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hi guys!

So i haven't been posting much since i've been sick and stuff, yeah, i should better tomorrow enough to go to camp, i really don't want to miss it, i hope everyone's summer is going swell so far, i have been sick since thursday night, well i need to make sure i have everything packed, i am so very excited!, plus the campground is in quivre river state park, which by the way is beautiful!!, well that's all for now, - Marlee <3

Friday, June 10, 2016

Hello once again

It has been such a busy week!, and month, i haven't been writing as much as i should by any means, so i am writing again today, tomorrow i will be super busy, and tonight we have to go to the store to pick up a few last minute things for camp, and tomorrow me and savannah have to decorate 11 shirts/bandanas, then for y.w. we are going swimming at the y.w. president's house, and sunday we have church [ like every sunday, my favorite day of the week #hisday! ] and  a baby shower for our cousin, it is going to be quite eventful, so next week i will probably not make any new posts on account of me being gone and all at camp, it will be so worth it though, i will tell you all about it when i get back [ well maybe not everything literally, we would be here for over 72 hours if i went to into detail ], i hope you all have been having a great week, well that's all for now, have an awesometastical day!!! - Marlee <3

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hey people!

Hi guys!, i haven't written on this blog in FOREVER [ well it feels like forever ] anywho next week is girl's camp and i am so freaking excited!!!!, i know i have mentioned it a lot but i am going to talk a bit more on it today, so our theme is press forward ,
it is going to be awesome!!!, also our mini musical [ a short skit we will perform ] is going to be harry potter this year!, it will be sooo much fun, all of the young women in my branch love harry potter, i am not much of a fan, but i know it will be epic, as i have mentioned before me and my best friend savannah put together the script, here it is!

Act i Scene 1
Everyone is playing Patty cake in pairs until...
Dumbledore: Oh no! The commercial is about to start!
Snape: Places everyone!!
Dumbledore:Welcome to Hogwarts. School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  But now, it will be a school of Witchcraft, Wizardry and... What is it called again?!
Hermione: Muggle classes. For the muggles of course,
Dumbledore: Right, Muggle Classes. We decided to aim higher and incorporate muggles in this school. We are pressing forward with our choices.
Harry: I love Hogwarts.It is where i defeated the dark one. And came close to death multiple times.
Hermione: It is where i learned to love learning. And where i saved Harry's and Ron's backsides multiple times. Thank you very much!
Ron: Its.... Where i... Helped.... Stuff.....
Luna: Do you know space dust tastes like rasberries??
Ginny: Its where i did nothing!
Draco: It's where i am KING!!!
Harry: You are not!
Draco: My father will hear about this!
Dobby: It is where Dobby became a free elf.
Dumbledore: No, this is your line.
Dumbledore hands Dobby a peice of paper.
Dobby: PAPER! The greatest of gifts!
Dumbledore: Many things, great things happen.
Snape: Call 1-800-394-page for more information
Dumbledore: High five Snape!
ALL: Singing our song all day long at HOGWARTS!!!
Voldemort: Voldemort, Voldemort,Oh voldy, voldy, voldy, voldemort!

Disclaimer: Disclaimer May experience evil teachers, killerchessboard, temptation, giant snake in the bathroom, wherewolves, trees that can kill you, annoying cat ladies, Draco, Tournaments that can also kill you, Voldemort, Evil goverment, evil goats, tap dancing, poison, dementors, bouncy balls, taco tuesday, mystery meat, singing, giant battles, and true friendship!,

tv prop leaves and muggles enter.
Dumbledore : Welcome muggles!, today we are looking for students who know how to aim higher and are willing to press forward in school, i believe we will all do great things together!
Hermione : Spiderman come forth!, why would you make a good student!
Spiderman : well i have a variety of talents like... um... i have spiderwebs!
Ron : SPIDER!!!!
Spiderman : yeah... im gonna go now....
Spiderman exits
Hermione : Darth Vader come forward, why would you make a good student here at hogwarts,
Darth Vader : I wouldn't, i just heard there would be free pizza here... so yeah where is that?
Hermione points to the side of stage, and darth vader runs to that side
Hermione : Angel come forth, why would you make a good hogwarts student?
Angel : well i help others and i have a very strong spirit
Dumbledore : how would you aim higher as a student
Angel : i would study hard and help other students towards there goals helping them along the way
Dumbledore : well after all of the candidates i have come to the conclusion that angel will be the best candidate for a new student, i believe she will help a lot with our school thank you all for coming, now we can press forward!
play press forward youth theme for a bit, all take a bow, the end!,

sorry if it's a bit squished, but it is there!, i am going to be none other than dumbledore, and savannah will be snape/spiderman, oh and my little sister will be robby [ ron/dobby], it will be sooo fun !!!

oh and some other fun news, my sister started a blog!!!!, so if you are into H.p, twenty one pilots etc. then you should totally check it out HERE, on tuesday me and some kids from church went to see the BYU folk dancers in nauvoo, it was so much fun!!!, I put a video of one of the dances to the right over here, this is just one of the dances, it's way better live, and on the outdoor stage it was soooooo awesome!!!, soon we will be going back to see BYU Noteworthy!, it is so neat we get to see so many performances, i really want to go see BYU Vocal point in august,

Here is a video of a newsies medley they did, they rock!!, it is so neat to see all of the different talents that hit that stage, Nauvoo IL is so wonderful, we live pretty close to there so we get to visit it quite a bit during the summer with the youth of our church, it truly is an amazing thing, well i have already said quite the mouthful, but i was just so excited to be writing now, i forget to sometimes but when i do it makes me feel alive, i love to write, i am actually working on writing another book, it is connected to my last book and shows what mandy from snowed in's brother and his adventures in college with his cousin braundo, it will be so fun, i have just fell in love with the characters and how everything is unwrapping, it is so fun to be in control of the story and letting my imagination run wild, i have so many stories to make it is just so exciting to see where this writing thing might take me, well i hope everyone is having an awesome summer right now, i know i am very excited to see where it takes me, it is just a wonderful thing, well that is all for now, Have a great week!!! 
- Marlee <3