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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Summer has arrived.

wow, this school year may have been a bit hectic, but now to say it is all over is kind of hard, who knew a season could come so fast, tomorrow there will be even more excitement, going out of an organized school day to hours of spontaneous adventure, it is going to be good i know it. i hope everyone else is excited, today for school i wrote a paragraph on my summer plans that i would like to share :

 My plans for summer. i am going to take lots of pictures. go to a baby shower. go to girl's camp. try and complete a summer bucket list. have an epic birthday. get to hang out with my closest cousins andrew and alex. and my awesome brother and sister dylan and sydney. over all it is going to be an awesome summer. it is kind of hard to think this school year is ending. but we have all worked hard. i can't wait to come back to this school journal next school year. and that is my summer plans.

It really is hard to think about, but it should be great. everything will turn out in the end. i have always struggled with change, but with the time going by so fast i will just need to make it last. soon i will be here again reminiscing in my summer memories, the new friendships i have made. friendships i have strengthened. long sunny nights. and those rainy days inside. crazy family get togethers. maybe even new interests. it will all be wonderful. the future is bright. even if it may seem dark to some now there truly is light at the end of the tunnel.

i hope that everyone will have a great summer - Marlee <3

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Summer bucket list ideas 2016!

So i got to thinking since school gets out this week i would share my summer bucket list, so here it goes!, these all are mostly things i would do with my cousins/siblings a.k.a my summer crew!

i feel this one would be awesome to do with friends or my cousins etc., the more the merrier!

this one would be so cool!, we have a place close to us where we could do this, it just looks really fun!

i really want to volunteer at the library!, i love our library and it is a dream of mine to work there one day, [ that and walmart, i know silly dream job, but i would love it! ]

this one looks so fun!!!!!

me and my brother made one a few years ago in our hallway and it was awesomely epic!

this one looks fun to make, instead of the same old " do you want to build a snowman?" [ i have that song to many times to count! ] this one is a fun summer alternative,

here are some extra i couldn't find pictures for :

7. Make new friends
8. Dance in the rain
9. Paint on a pair of canvas shoes
10. Go an entire day without using any technology
11. Write a letter to my future self
12. Make gummy bear ice pops
13. Have an all out marshmallow fight!
14. Have a water balloon fight!
15. Collect shells at the beach
16. Make homemade ice cream
17. Finish an entire coloring book
18. play night bowling
19. Make a candy pizza
20. Tie dye something
21. Tie messages to balloons and let them go
22. Jump in a pool fully clothed
24. Make a time capsule
25. Spend all day at the beach
26. Take pictures at a photobooth
27. Catch fireflies
28. Play minigolf
29. Have a silly string war
30. Go to a midnight movie 
31. Go on a spontaneous adventure
32. Go to a drive in movie
33. Fill water guns with washable paint and have a paint war!
34. Go to a festival of some sort
35. Sleep in a tent!
36. Pull an all nighter!
37. Have an awesome summer!

there is my summer bucket list for 2016!, i hope you have enjoyed it!, - Marlee <3

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Summer is almost here!!!

oh my gosh time is going by so fast!, it felt like it was just yesterday it was new year's day and now we are coming upon summer, the schools in our area all get out friday!, some of my friends are graduating, it is such an exciting time, and soon me and my sister sydney will be going to girl's camp! [ an lds camp for mormon girls 12-18, it is about 6 days this is the first year sydney will be able to go!] and my grandmother leaves for utah next week, i am ready for summer!, i am hoping this summer will be awesome!, i am going to start posting more this summer, i love blogging, i have always seen my mom doing it since i was little and i always seemed to see such an excitement with writing, like how i had my first blogging experience when i wrote a blog post on easter for my mom's website [ to see that click HERE ] and then i have went on to write my own book, [ here is a link for that HERE ], that was so exciting for me!, i have worked really hard on that, it took about 2 years to make, i also had a few errors in it, but i did good i do believe, i have been blessed with a gift and love of writing, and i want to do it a lot, and i will continue to grow and learn in it, everything is so crazy how time is flying by, and i am very excited for summer, well i hope you have enjoyed this post! - Marlee <3