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Friday, April 22, 2016

Hilo!, [ BIG update ]

Hey guys!, i feel like i have totally neglected this site!, i have been busy lately doing all kinds of things, trying to get my schoolwork done for the year mostly, but also i have been hanging out with friends, going to church activities, and more recently i went with my grandpa to get his prostetic eye, i know it sounds boring but it was truly wonderful to spend that time with him before he left for utah, he is visiting his daughter and granddaughters for a bit, and my baby cousin for the first time, i am so happy for him!, my grandma leaves in may, so she will be gone soon and get to be with him, today i am helping my friends plan a birthday party for one of my bff's little sisters, it is going to be fun, i have been cutting scrap material like mad for their flip flops, they are tying fabric strips around flip flops, anyhow it is going to be really cute, and it is also awesome because my little sister is friends with my friends little sister, my four like best best friends [ well 5 if you count my friend LaVeta, but she doesn't have a little sister!] have little sisters the same age as mine and they are all besties!, they are so cute and are growing up so very fast, i have noticed a lot of people are, like my cousins who are now in the ages like 8-12 fell like they were just babies yesterday, it is so cool to see how everyone changes and brings on new interests and goes through different milestones as they grow a bit older, speaking of older my birthday is coming up, it is in july, all of my siblings and i have summer birthdays, me and my brother are 11 months and 6 days apart in age so he has a birthday really close to mine, and me and him are the same age for almost a week which is really awesome, i just love my siblings, and family, and friends!!!!, i have the best friends right now who really show true friendship and loyalty to me, they have been so good to me and i hope i can be even close to that for them, plus they except me for who i am no matter what as i try and do for them, which is not hard because they are so awesome!!!, and me and my friend savannah have been working together lately on a mini musical for girls camp, [ if you don't know what girls camp is i will explain, girls camp is where all of the girls ages 12-18 go to camp for a week in our church, it is for the different areas etc., this year our mini musical will be harry potter, and yours truly is going to be dumbledore and it is going to be great!] which has been fun to see the script develop and see how our two minds put together can make something awesome!, me and her have also worked together on quite a few projects and we work together pretty well, it is amazing to see what these two minds can conjure up!, same with my other friends, which is so good, i know i have already said more than a mouthful but i really wanted to give a nice big update etc., it has been fun

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Summer is just around the corner!

Wow these seasons have been flying by!,  it feels like just yesterday we were all excited for christmas 2015, then easter and everything, i started to think, school gets out next month!!!!, which is exciting, except i will still be in school [ homeschooled!], people are already about to leave on summer vacations etc., is anyone else feeling like summer is coming really quick?, but this weather has been nice, me and my siblings just rode bikes and may i just say it is beautiful outside!, i hope everyone is getting excited for this next season no matter where in the world you are, i am going to post more this summer, including some pics if i can remember, i love summer!, me and my friends getting to hang out, my cousins getting together more, it is just a wonderful time of season, especially with fireflies etc., i hope you are all just as excited as i am!, - Marlee <3

Monday, April 4, 2016

Stevie the dancer!

Stevie our most favorite bear had an epic idea, that we should make a video of him dancing!, so here it is, it features several songs, including : What more is out there from my little pony equestria girls friendship games, Good is the new bad from descendants wicked world, and much more, i hope you enjoy this video!, i edited it myself and stevie did all the dancing so we know it will be good, happy spring! - Marlee <3

General conference was amazing!!!

I just love the time of year when it's spring, and all sorts of wonderful things happening, we just had an amazing easter and other celebrations of this new season, i was so excited when it came time for conference, i think it definitely lifted my spirit and a lot of others, i am so thankful to live where i can view and learn from the general authorities of my church, it has been truly inspiring to me, i took notes from what i saw and i learned a lot, plus it is nice to have a weekend to snuggle up as a family and regroup and be enlightened with shining new knowledge to help us along our way, this year has been pretty hard so far, and we have grieved a lot over the loss of our precious dog ozzy, but seeing conference reminded me i will see him again and he is happy, and i am going to keep going and be happy too, i watched the movie once i was a beehive and something one of the characters said reminded me over grief we can be happy, she was saying to her friend that the dog she lost would have wanted her to try and be happy again, and it wont be the same but it wouldn't be right if it was the same in a way, i hope all of you out there that have dealt with loss will be comforted and know in your heart you can be happy again, best wishes - Marlee <3