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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Minions Birthday Party Ideas!!

For this theme you should definitely have yellow and blue color scheme in the decor

for foods you can use bananas, because the minions love bananas!, you can also use yellow and blue foods and any other food you can relate to the movie and theme

for party favors you can use swim goggles like the minions iconic goggles,

there are many ways you can make the cake, you can put figures of them on a cake, and for inspiration you can turn to pinterest

you can play the movie or project it at night for a fun summer party/ fall/ and spring

you can use google eyes, and markers and for the body you can use toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, and wrapping paper tubes, you can also use tape or glue to put them together, this can make a cute decoration or activity for the kids

i hope these ideas were helpful!, happy holidays and have fun party planning!

Pbs Digital Studios youtuber review!!

Pbs digital studios is an awesome channel full of mini shows, remixes, it is super cool!, my favorites are the remixes, and the chatterbox with kevin and grandma lill, it is super fun, and it is basically like pbs the channel but for a new generation!, here is a link to the channel, HERE IT IS!!!, i hope this review was helpful, happy holidays!

Plush Time Wins Youtuber review!!!

Plush time wins are two people who love to play claw machines!, it shows them playing all kinds of games, it is so fun to watch their wins, and loss'es, it is very fun and very child friendly, here is a link to the channel,HERE IT IS!!!!, i hope this review was helpful, happy holidays!!

Bored Shorts Tv Youtuber review!!!

Bored shorts tv is super funny!!, they use adults and they lip sync to kids voices, they also do it where the kids lip sync to the adults, anyways they are super funny shorts and all of them i have seen are pretty child friendly, you will totally enjoy these videos, and they are perfect for all ages!, here is a link to the channel, HERE IT IS!!!!, i hope this review was helpful, happy holidays!!

Here is the gift of some of my favorite websites!

The first website too check out is lds parenting, which you can find HERE, this blog has parenting ideas, crafts, and much more!

up next is a crafting blog called my froggy stuff, which you can find HERE, they have great crafts for doll rooms, etc.

i love to make things and this next is a girl and a glue gun, which you can find HERE, this website has tons of fun and easy crafts you can make.

my next favorite is allrecipes, which you can find HERE, they have tons of good recipes and great for people who love to cook/bake.

my last one is pinterest, it is pretty well known, it is super fun and you can check out my pinterest boards HERE, it is super fun and you should really check it out if you have not already!

well i hope you enjoyed this post, it was super fun too make, happy holidays!


Hi guys!, with christmas just around the corner i felt i should share this video about christ himself, it is from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, and i am a proud member and i would like to share this teaching, so here it is!
i truly wish everyone the merriest of the holidays, and i hope for those who celebrate christmas this will remind you of the true meaning of this amazingly joyous holiday, have a great year and new years too!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My personal top 18 toys for kids 2015 edition

Today for you i am going to list some of my favorite toys for kids 2015 edition, i have never done anything like this before, but i hope this helps you out, here is my top 18

#18 - Lego city

Lego's are super fun for all ages, and now with this new brand of lego's resembling real cities it is super fun to use the sets to make your own city

#17 - Paw patrol

Paw patrol toys are super fun for kids ages 8 and under, these puppie toys are super cute, fun , and lovable

#16 - Doc mcstuffins

Doc mcstuffins toys are perfect for kids who love to play doctor/vet, they are super fun and spark imaginative play
#15 - Barbie

Barbie dolls are super fun, and there are super wide ranges of these, these iconic dolls are super fun and are easy to move around, perfect for doll lovers everywhere

#14 -  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
These toys are super fun for old fans of the show and the new generation of fans, they are super fun for imaginative play and kids who are into action figures

#13 - Doh vinci
this is super fun for fans of play doh, but want something more intricate for them to play with, and fun for decorating all kinds of items!

#12 - Fur real friends
These toys are super cute!, and super fun for animal lovers everywhere, super fun realistic pets

#11 - Shopkins
Shopkins are super fun and cute shopping item toys, they are also useful for barbie shopping items

#10 - Peek a boos
These stuffed animals are super cute and perfect for kids who like to watch movies on phones/ipods who do not want to break it trying to hold it up

#09 - American girl dolls
These dolls are so perfect for your kids who are into baby dolls and imaginative play, they are also good for just plain collectables

#08 - Marvel
Marvel toys are perfect for kids who love super heroes and playing pretend, even a little action

#07 - Minions
These adorable little yellow toys are super cute and fun for imaginative play

#06 - Frozen
Though frozen was first out last year it is still super fun, now with frozen fever toys it is super fun and even better than ever

#05 - Jurassic world
These dinosaurs are super realistic, and fun for all dinosaur lovers, these action figures are also perfect for kids who love to play pretend

#04 - Barbie

Barbie dolls are super fun, and there are super wide ranges of these, these iconic dolls are super fun and are easy to move around, perfect for doll lovers everywhere

#03 - Project mc2
These dolls and project kits are super fun for fans of this netflix original, and perfect for kids who are into vibrant colors and just plain fun!

#02 - Popples
These colorful bright toys are super fun for all ages, super fun!

#01 - My little pony equestria girl dolls

now with a larger collection then ever these dolls are perfect for my little pony fans, they are super cute and easy to find, the best place to find these dolls are at stores like walmart,

i truly hope these ideas have helped you get some ideas for even last minute shopping, i hope you enjoyed!


Hey guys!, i am so sorry i have not updated in a while, i have been pretty busy this holiday season, i have done quite a bit of work and am trying to fix it up to be better than ever, including : organizing, capitalizing and punctuating earlier posts, and working the whole design, i am going to try and do more posts next month for sure, please enjoy all of the posts i already have and if you have not yet please subscribe through email or google plus, thanks a million!, enjoy my updated blog!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Chris ballinger youtuber review!!

chris ballinger's channel  is full of vlogs, magic videos, challenges, etc., they are super family friendly, and if you like vloggers like the shaytards you will love them, you will not be disappointed!

Franz vlogs youtuber review!!

franzvlogs is a channel about a newlywed couple just living life, they are super funny and family friendly, i just recently started watching their videos and i am already into them, plus they are super cute, they seem really good too, it is a super good channel and you should totally check out their channel!