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Friday, August 14, 2015

Sofia the first birthday party ideas!!

Crown topped cake at a Sofia the First birthday party! See more party ideas at! sofia the first cake, so cute how it has the dress pattern and everything!, if it was a party for multiple children  like twins you could make one like amber sofias sister.

Sofia the First Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 1 of 19 | Catch My Party this table is so cute!, i love how there is a little chair for the birthday boy/girl, it is so sofia the first with the color scheme of it, so neat!.

Pretty cookies for a Sofia the First Birthday Party sofia the first cookies!, so sparkly, fit for a princess!, you could also do white cookies to match the colors better.
Sofia the first birthday game created by the hubby!  "Pin the tail on the Minimus" pin the tail on minimus!! , they forgot to do the skin the right color [ it is light purple].
Sofia The First Birthday Party Package, available on Etsy

sofia the first gift bags!, so cool!, the tiaras are super cute, and it is perfect for sofia the first fan.
Party favors.I DIYd this using pendants from eBay and some purple ribbon from Walmart. . Custom Sofia the First Amulet Necklace by StinkyPinkCreations, $25.00 sofia the first amulets!, you can buy gems and let the kids make them!.

Random gif of the week!!

You on kid? Let’s ride. [video]this gif is so me when i was a little kid, that sheep is so fluffy it would be hard to get up!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lego bedroom ideas!!

lego bed!, so cool and looks perfect for any lego lover, plus it looks like its made out of legos!, you could put pillows that look like legos and a lego comforter to complete the look.
lego lamp!, so cool and the lamp shade could be changed to a totally different color and you could paint the lego brick another color.
lego light cover! it is so cool that you can add on to it with your lego creations! so simple to customize .
lego wall d├ęcor!, so neat!. it seems to hold quite a few legos!.
lego desk! so cute!, you could even put a lego lamp on it or one of those glowing bricks which you can probably find online.
lego dresser! so cool! kids and teens will like the design I would say!.

My little pony room ideas!!!!

my little pony projection alarm clock/radio!, super cute !, love the illustrations and lights!.
my little pony light cover ,so cute!, pinkie pie looks kind of sad though.
my little pony bed!, love the colors and design, it in my opinion is the best one yet!.
super cute!, I don't know what these are made out of , but they are super bright and cheerful!.
memo board!, found this and thought it was a super cute idea!!! I love the colors and materials used to make it!.
my little pony collage plaque!, super cute and fun to look at , I like that the pictures seem to go together perfectly!.
my little pony wall mural!, super fun and is great for my little pony fans ,[ like me!!].

[ Kind of late] random gif of the week!!!!

I thought that we might as well do an animal gif this week , this one I thought was hilarious!!!